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275 Hoops is the second city-based website covering high school basketball under the Interstate Hoops Network. 270 Hoops was the founding website for the network, as Zach Fleer and Jason Morrow opened up shop in November 2015. While 270 Hoops has enjoyed remarkable success in the Columbus area, it was time to expand to other parts of Ohio.

Enter 275 Hoops. 275 Hoops will cover high school basketball in the Cincinnati area like never before. Using the 270 model, 275 will offer a unique blend of news, scouting, recruiting and game coverage that is hard to find anywhere else in the market – and without a paywall.

275 Hoops is dedicated to covering the top basketball players in the Cincinnati area, regardless of division, conference or team. We will aim to cover the vast majority of the teams in the area, ensuring that we are seeing the best and brightest prospects and offering a platform for those players to be seen by college coaches.

Follow along as 275 Hoops takes stride in Cincinnati for the 2019-20 basketball season.


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